The Forest, a video game review

A Video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2014/2018) Open world, survival, horror

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The Forest is an open world, first person, survival video game made by the Canadian company Endnight Games for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 4. The non-linear game spawns you into a forested island full of cannibals and mutants. After playing eight hours of this video game, in short, this video game brings out a level of horror and creepiness to make it stand out.

To point out the gameplay mechanics. Making decisions for survival is very similar to other video games with the same type of survival modes. Yet, it has some of the most realistic artificial intelligence in enemies you will ever see. Instead of enemies being killing berserkers, they watch you from a distance or follow you to see where your base is located. In addition, they become more aggressive depending if you decide to attack them or not.

On the negative side, you need to build a base from scratch. Therefore you must obtain many resources to craft items and buildings. In order to get these resources, you must repetitively chop down trees, steal from cannibals and explore barely lit caves. Then there is only one gun in the game. All the other weapons are melee or arrow ranged weapons. While it has been said that this game is better playing it with friends, this is not my opinion.

In conclusion, the cannibalistic nature of this game is strong enough to be scary while being challenging. Graphically it is of quality for a video game. But, it lacks in its overall content. Firstly base building is practically useless. The crafting system lacks quality compared to other survival video games. This game does have a story, but it is very short. And the battle system is very basic. In an attempt to make a realistic survival game it is not enough to be satisfying to me. Maybe playing solo using a virtual reality headset would improve the experience?

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