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Virtual reality is taking video games to the next level. Watching video footage of a decent amount of VR video games. I am considering buying a virtual reality system for my self. With a lot of money being invested in new video games and the currently existing features, it may be time to finally purchase one of my own. Thanks to Geektown, you have convinced me to look into it more. Making good points in this article, there is plenty of variations of genres in VR video games. And a lot of the best games now are being turned into virtual reality video games.

If you think that virtual reality (VR) is a relatively new technology within the last decade, you might be surprised to find that the concept of VR stems back to the 1800s. While the stereoscope, which was invented in 1838, and the beloved and iconic View-Master arrived a century later, may not be our idea […]

via VR Gaming in 2019: What Can We Look Forward To? — Geektown

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