Pokemon City Simulator (Video Game Idea)

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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In this video game idea, I will combine Pokemon with city simulator video games into one concept. SimCity, Cities: Skylines and the Tropico franchise are all construction and management video games that come to my mind when I think about city-building games. Using their gameplay mechanics, you could basically make a simulation video game in theory from nothing. As Pokemon has never made it into a city simulation game before, In this article I will describe the potential of a game like this and how it would work.

Like all these types of games, it would be played in a bird’s-eye view. Being able to walk around your city would serve no purpose. Starting the game you would have a few houses for people to live in. A mayor’s office. The Gym and a small Pokemon Center. So, you would be able to change the placement of these buildings at a cost. Then starting with a small budget, you would be able to place more buildings such as industry, commercial, residential, monuments/vegetation and human and pokemon service buildings.

Building ideas to be a part of this hypothetical simulation video game:
  • Residential – Country and city houses
  • Various types of Pokemon Centres
  • Pokemon Breeders
  • Farms for berries and various other resources
  • Tourism/Entertainment
  • Infrastructure buildings
  • Extra gyms and battle buildings (Battle coliseum or tower and more)
  • Mayors office (International affairs, creating laws and regulation
  • Ministry
  • Police, fire department, water department and many other service management buildings
  • Pokemon Trainer schools and normal schools
  • Probably much more ideas

On the management side of the game. You will have to create growth by creating new buildings and making both humans and Pokemon happy. Building management would include hiring people. Types of taxes. Individual prices for services and products. Infrastructure buildings connections such as electricity, teamsters and construction. And probably much more.

Mentioning one more, everything person in your city has a team of Pokemon of six. So the Pokemon help manage people’s and buildings defences for crime and protection. Pokemon will also increase peoples happiness. The better Pokemon they have and the amount of Pokemon battles they do will determine how much money they have. Unless they are an employee somewhere. And maybe each individual Pokemon’s stats are just like the normal video game and there are live streams of battles you can click on that is described in text.

So, with so much importance of having Pokemon Trainers in your city, there needs to be ways to catch your own Pokemon, breed Pokemon and wild areas for people to train there Pokemon. Having a balance of Pokemon trainers and profitable buildings in your the city would be the aim of the game. Roads would not have vehicles, it would be Pokemon. As the mayor, you would also have your own Pokemon to battle simulate people as well. And appear in tournaments or some sort of organised events. The more customizable the features in the game the better.


The heading and second image in this article are both from the new upcoming movie called Detective Pikachu. I would be this video game if it existed. With the modern city-building video games out now I believe these video game concepts are more than able to be created today.  And probably much more because of the gameplay mechanics I have mentioned in this article. Maybe in a few years, they could also add good looking 3D animations for the battles to watch or even play battles as the mayor in person.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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