Tetris 99, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2019) Multiplayer, puzzle

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While online I was searching Youtube and I came across a video of this game. As a result, I found out it was free on the Nintendo Switch. This classic game adding the “battle royale” feature allows you to compete against 99 people online. With the aim of the game is to complete rows, you can send attacks to people in an attempt to knock them out of the game. These types of attacks are called “garbage rows”. As of right now, this version of Tetris is only available for the Nintendo Switch and as I said, free.

On this video game’s release after February 13, 2019, (Nintendo Direct’s original announcement), it has received generally favourable reviews. Nintendo Direct released it later in the day. In the game, there are badges you can earn to increase your attacks. Four targeting options to attack which includes attacking people with badges, close to being knocked out, players who are targeting you and players at random.

Tetris 99 above all, takes the concept of classic Tetris to the next level and gives it a whole new experience. It becomes more competitive while making combos, target bonuses and targeting makes it more fun. Runs very smooth and does not take long to load up a game. Also, have not seen one scrap of lag on my screen. Overall it is quick and addicting enough to a point where you have to play more than one game. I recommend this video game to all fans of the original Tetris.


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