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A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Videos just like this has made me want this game for a while now. Buying this game at full price on Steam the other day, last night I started learning this game. Playing on a server I made a base while no one was on this server. But I could only get so far because I made the base so far from the centre of the map that there were no animals around. So I had a limited amount of food while no way to get meat and animal fat. And you need animal fat to make a furnace. This following list is of way more experienced players then me and bases I want to get into while I play this game more. Also, this Top 10 list is in no particular order.










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This video game is much more than a Player vs Player shooter. It is a sandbox survival game that is also a role-playing game. It is a way more better-improved clone to Day Z. And everything and more than I has wanted formally playing Day Z. Also, it has many crafting elements similar to Minecraft. Maybe if I got this game a few years ago I would have been able to get it cheaper while it was in beta or alpha. I am happy I have the full game of it now though.
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