Debt in World Economies

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

The highest developed country in the world, the United States leads the most total debt compared to all the countries. With a total number of $18,286,510,000,000. Many other countries have over a trillion dollars in debt as well. Why is this not publically discussed more? It explains why any attempt of an alternative government system are not as successful as it intended to be. In the late 17th century it was common only under 100 million dollars per country. How can anyone take a government seriously when it has a serious debt problem while expecting civilians to not get into debt.

20 Countries Who Currently Have the Most Debt

The government does not control the economy, the people who contribute to it do. As long as people buy and sell, there is hope to maintain a monetary economy. But growing in debt has to lower the value of money. And it directly affects businesses and industries such as limiting budgets, services or even bankruptcy. Generally lower quality on all products and services that involve money. And then people do not want to buy. My point is that most countries do not make nearly enough money per year to even start paying their debt. To start experiencing growth and sustainability in all areas and countries, maybe some should start paying off their debt? Otherwise one day soon it will be the people’s problem.

I’m no economist, but the numbers do not add up. If taxes go into the debt account in governments, it is still not enough to make any change. In conclusion, there needs to be better leaders in republic systems that get things done and is able to make a plan to tackle a problem such as this. Maybe when we start expanding into space, we could mine for resources endlessly. But having a practically endless amount of resources in space, the value of money would go up but the resources values would go down and have many different sorts of effects. I know politics is a variety of complex issues and solutions. But being in world debt is a serious problem that should be taken more seriously

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