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In this uncategorized article, I would like to discuss the ideas I have for a new blog. Even though this month has been my most viewed month without any payment for traffic, I am highly considering creating a new blog from scratch. By the end of March, my business plan will be up for renewal. Even though I wish UNGROOVYGORDS can continue and write that glorious REBIRTH OF UNGROOVYGORDS article. It may be time to start something new regardless. With under 100 posts to go to reach 1000 published posts, this blog will potentially be slowing down.

Prioritising, starting something new will leave me open to more opportunities while having extra platforms to promote and niche out my content. I have plenty of ideas, but expanding out my content and committing to the ideas will be the hardest parts about it. And to add to that I just brought a new video camera. Having a video game channel and an original content page on YouTube, there is so much I want to do with that as well. My new writing blog will have to be a niche the has a wide variety of ideas I can create. While still leaving room for original content and relevant enough to be monetised in many different ways.

It might be goodbye to So I have two overall niche ideas for this new blog. The first one and the obvious one is entertainment. Because at least half of this blog is based on entertainment in one way or another. This niche will be the one where I have the most ideas I could create daily. Then this niche will have the most competition. And lesser opportunity to be original with it. Unless I go deep into the comments I make on the entertainment content and have an original content category on the new blog.

To be a true niche blog, I need to follow formulated structures with limitations. Types of content for an entertainment niche blog would be first articles. With some news, list-based articles, philosophy and many more ideas. Then reviews to sell affiliate marketing content and ratings. Attempt to get some new writers for some guest posts. Possibly written interviews if I pitch the idea to people around Melbourne for promoting purposes who have some quality entertainment content. Recaps for launches, press releases and more. The original content of short stories and poems/lyrics.

And I could go on. My second overall new niche blog idea would be based on philosophy. Philosohy can answer why and what questions. So it has the potential for a variety amount of articles in all types of genres. Less competistion in its niche making it more original. Genres could include technology, science, politics, philosophy in entertainement, philosophy in actions such as creating. Still, go into rants with my own philosophy. And so many other sub genres. Have enough varity to still sell affilate marketing products. And interesting enough to draw traffic and comments.

A philosophy based blog would be more education for me personally than an entertainment blog. As I have mentioned before, I will be taking a break after 1000. Using empty paper books to my adventage, I have been filling it up with ideas like this. And what I have written here is off my head. A lot of pitches and developedment of intial ideas need to be done. I will keep all you posted as new updates occur.
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