Fake News and Misinformation

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“The choice between the Truth and a Lie is Silence. Instead of Lying to Me, please choose Silence.” Ellen J Barrier

While the term fake news is relatively new, unethical journalism and propaganda has existed for centuries worldwide. Universal truths can be manipulated and narrative driven. Finding truths in how/what questions can be determined by philosophy or scientific answers. Simple why questions can be answered by common or personal perspectives. Journalists and writers of all kinds have lost their obligation to truth and humanity. Intentionally for profit or personal political agendas.

Fake or pseudo-news has risen in traditional print, broadcast news and online social media. This content is being used to damage an agency, entity, or individual people. In the process of this, false content is created to create ad revenue, influence people’s views, cause confusion and many other reasons. Types of fake news include clickbait, propaganda, satire/parody, misleading headings, and biased news. To counter fake information, Google and Facebook are considering reporting options for false information.

While the internet allows near absolute freedom in writing. There are more fake websites, bots and internet trolls than ever. With many reasons to create misinformation for your own advantage, real journalism is being taken less seriously. Determining truths has become more difficult. So if you can’t beat people with truth and unbiase, you might as well join them. In conclusion, we will continue to be divided in our truths while people are not accountable for their actions, accuracy, independence and impartiality.

“In this era of fake news and paid news artificial intelligence is more and more used as a political tool to manipulate and dictate common people. Through big data, biometric data AI analyses online profiles and behaviours in social media and smart phones. But the days are not far when AI will also control the politicians and the media too.” Amit Ray

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