Designing My Dream House

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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If I learnt anything from the building design course I did, this is how I would design a dream house I want. Trained in residential houses, being able to create planning and building documents, with a decent amount of land I know there are fewer limitations compared to building in residential zones. In this following article, I will describe exactly what I need to do to design everything in theory without committing to any numbers yet.

The land of this hypothetical house will be important towards the design of the house. Any location that looks interesting and affordable will be researched. is a great information source to see what can be done at any address and any other legal issues that are affected by the land. Then it is time to survey the land and get the real numbers. Measure all the curves of the land to determine where actually the foundation of the house will be placed and/or what type of foundation the new house will be.

Designing a building plan, you should always start with the floorplans. Then you can start placing where the rooms will be. Enclosed in walls, I want at least half of the walls double bricked. These rooms of double bricked are where I want warm rooms to be. Maybe one room inside double brick walls even more protected to act as some sort of panic room. Naming some basic rooms I would want in this floor plan would include, master bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, project room, collection room, covered outdoor area, greenhouse, cinema room, garage, basement, attic and probably a few more.

Someplace in the interior of the house will be wide rooms. Investing in metal framework for the roof celling frames would be a good choice. In one section of the house, I want some interior pillars in the room that looks interesting. Having some rooms with exterior walls having a  double glassed aquarium. On the roof, I want solar panels. A large telescope connected in the attic. And maybe some sort of satellite dish. And finally, a pool connected to a covered outside area.

As I mentioned before, a hypothetical business/retirement plan I have is to start a farm. So I would have a greenhouse and a standing planting area to grow stuff. Having some land in this hypothetical dream house I would have some animals. Chickens and ducks for eggs. Beehives for honey. And cats and dogs for protection. If the extra land is bare, start my own forest of bamboo and any other interesting trees including fruit trees. Start a metal scrap pile. Invest in cheap tents to start hoarding useful stuff outside.

I wish I still has the Revit Building Design Program so I could make 2 and 3D potential image ideas. Using pro building design tools for a year I believe I could pick it all up very quickly or even a different design program that is able to create building and planning documents. I have more than enough ideas to start official documents at any time. My knowledge of building design is mostly for exterior and structure design. While interior designs will be limited to the real budget of the structure and more. Still, for the interior design, I could be more specific, but that is an idea for another article.
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