Never Bored

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Boredom: the desire for desires,” – Leo Tolstoy


For most people boredom is universal,

I am not most people,

There is plenty to engage in the external and internal,

Being bored to death for some can be lethal.

I do not need people to avoid boredom,

Being alone is where I thrive,

Using my freedom,

I am satisfied and alive.


The answer to boredom is simple,

Just do something you like,

Being bored can cripple,

You can do nothing or you can strike.

People with a higher capacity for self-control are less bored,

And are able to inspire creativity,

Boredom can be ignored,

Your ideas and thoughts should be explored.


I am only sometimes bored around other people,

And that is not always bad,

Reflecting on my own prequel,

Thinking can make me glad.

The science of boredom only goes so far,

While meaning and purpose remains to have value,

Do not be stuck in your own personal pit of tar,

Putting time and effort into something is the solution for you to continue.
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