Top 10 Powerman 5000 songs

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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In my opinion, an underrated band who has truly original sounding music.  This band can do it all. Fast and slow songs. Use many elements from different genres. Creative lyrics. And so much more to list here. If this band would come to Australia, I would like to see them play live. This following list will be in order from tenth to first. One more cool fact about this band is the lead singer Spider One is the younger brother of the musician Rob Zombie.

10. Sid Vicious in a Dress

From there newest album, this song is worthy of a list like this.

9.  Watch the sky for me

The most classical sounding song I have heard from Powerman 5000

8. Free
7. Nobody’s Real

Slower paced song, but still an epic rock or metal song.

6. V Is for Vampire

Epic beat. Groovy metal, Alternative metal.

5. How to be Human

I like the lyrics – They like to drink, They like to smoke, They like to eat, And when they eat it’s ’til they choke. They like to fight, They like to steal, They like to lie and cheat, And then pretend it’s real.

4. Relax

A cover of a song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The best cover song this band has ever produced.

3. Supernova Goes Pop

Part of the golden era of Powerman 5000.

2. When Worlds Collide

Very nineties sounding. This song has been put into some soundtracks. Interesting vocals and rhythms.

1. Bombshell

The bands most famous song. It has appeared in many different soundtracks. Also, it is a great song to be your alarm clock.

Check out some of these songs and decide for yourself how good they are.
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