Sarsaparilla, a beverage review

A beverage review written by: Lee Sonogan

(18th century) Soft drink


Sarsaparilla is an old fashion soft drink, that is not widely available in most counties. The word sarsaparilla brings up an image of the wild west cowboys ordering a “sasparilly,”. Usually considered a root beer, there are many variations of this beverage. Other than being a beverage, the sarsaparilla plant has been used for centuries with having benefits such as treating joints, healing skin problems, helping blood pressure and much more.

Today in the countries who still make this beverage do not use the plant in there drinks. They use natural and artificial flavouring to mimic the taste. Sarsaparilla was a popular drink in America for a long time, but now only some Asian countries make it. And also Australia but it apparently tastes different from the variations America use to make. Maybe the drop of consumption of these drink in America was because the FDA banned one of the plants used in the drink during 1964.

My favourite¬†Sarsaparilla brand is Schweppes. Its taste is like no other. The taste’s flavour is a good variety to try. I am even interested in making my own sarsaparilla because it looks easy to make and is able to be fermented. I recommend this drink to everyone who wants to try something they have not tasted before.

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