Norse Mythology, a book review

A book review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) Fantasy

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“Superb. Just the thing for the literate fantasy lover and the student of comparative religion and mythology alike.” Kirkus Reviews

My first Neil Gaiman Novel. Knowing him from many graphic novel stories such as The Sandman, when I saw this book for nine dollars at Kmart, I was surprised. This book is a retelling of many stories from Norse mythology. With my only Norse knowledge from the tv show Vikings and Marvels Thor, this was the perfect book for me.  These stories include the theft of Thor’s hammer, the binding of Fenrir and other stories about the Norse gods and the Aesir.

These stories were based on surviving ancient literature of the Norse religion. In this book, you will learn about Thor, Loki, Odin and all the gods who live in Asgard. The world these gods live in is one of the nine worlds. And one of the worlds called Midgard is Earth. The book starts with the origin of existence that I have never had heard before. Then the stories are based around one or two of the gods. Loki was evil and convincing while still playing coy. The All-father, Odin was not all-knowing but more obsessive about gaining knowledge.

And Thor was the god’s hero, but he was not as smart as you would think. Consistently each story flows into one other and all of them are very good. It is too hard to recommend what stories I would recommend in it. Neil Gaiman’s style of writing can make anything sound good. The ending of Ragnarok was much more brutal than I expected. I recommend this book to fans of folk law, ancient religion and anyone interested in learning more about Norse Mythology.


“He had done as his dreams had told him, but dreams know more than they reveal, even to the wisest of the gods.” Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology
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