My Idea of A Perfect Day

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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For a practical writing exercise, I am going to write about my ideas for a perfect day. The question, What would be your perfect day? is a hypothetical that lets you share everything you like all contained into one day from start to finish. My opinions will be personal and your answers to this question will be different from mine. Considering what I like and what I feel most satisfying, this following article will be about my personal choices in a hypothetical day.

First, I would wake up to the rain and remember an interesting dream. Maybe note the dream down in a journelI have. Then get on my phone or Nintendo Switch and check YouTube for new stuff. Looking at my subscriptions on YouTube watch the good new stuff. Then I would get out of bed and turn on my computer. And then make myself a coffee still watching a new video on a portable device. Once I have my coffee and the computer hits the desktop screen. It is time to get some writing done.

I usually want to get at least 500 words a day. On this perfect day, I want to get thousands of words done. Either on my blog or various other projects, I have going. And at least get one thing published on this day that I enjoyed writing. After 2-4 hours of being productive, new stuff that I want to watch comes out on this day. Having two monitor screens (Not including my third tv monitor) I would be researching or working on some writing while watching an episode of a new tv series episode.

Leaving some new stuff to watch for later. I would go out and get some supplies. And it the pursuit of a perfect day, do some shopping for things I like. Supplies would be a Red Eye, smokes, cider and anything else I feel like from a supermarket. And before that visit a bookshop for new and interesting books. Get some tech that would be helpful towards one of my projects. And maybe get a massage? Returning home I could also pick up something for dinner. Chinese food or KFC with the old and original sweet and sour sauce.

With no other commitments on this perfect day, I would eat my brought food and watch the remaining new videos. And maybe have a new movie to watch that looks interesting or recommended. By this time I would be drinking. I would then be listening to music, sending some message out to friends and a third thing all at the same time. Then the friends and I start having a good game in an online multiplayer video game for a decent amount of time. When it becomes less satisfying, change to something solo. Maybe a single player game that is quick or work on something that I was enjoying during the day.

Maybe even start something new. Such as a new book I have brought. Finally when I start to get tired and still intoxicated go to bed and get an easy sleep. Maybe some more videos in bed if I was still drinking. This would be my perfect day, and it is nice and simply without anything to be concerned with.
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