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An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Something that looks impossible can be natural. There is many natural phenomena out there that can be observed and explained with science. Natural Phenomena can be defined as all phenomena that are not artificial. Around the world, certain locations act in strange ways. From biological and chemical to energy, atmospheric, physical and many more. In this following article, I will describe many more that you won’t believe. Each one is picture worthy and a sight to see.

Some of the most famous natural phenomena are crazy. The Northen Lights in Iceland is one where it is caused by the activity of charged particles. Protons and electrons from the sun with the Earth’s ionosphere. In Death Valley, there are stones called sailing stones. Where in one of the least inhabited places on the planet, these stones seem like they are able to move on their own. There is still no scientific reason why this geological phenomenon occurs.

With so many more phenomena to describe, they all have crazy suggesting names. The dirty thunderstorms are volcanic lighting. Flammable ice bubbles. Underwater crop circles in the ocean off Japan created by a male pufferfish. Then there is circumhorizontal arcs or otherly known as fire rainbows. Light pillars, an optical phenomenon formed by the reflection of sunlight or moonlight by ice crystals that are present in the Earth’s atmosphere.

I am a big fan of the unexplained. Comparing the difference between natural and artificial. Being sceptical in the face of various forms of visual evidence. Learning new concepts that could be useful to use or ideas that I should avoid or have the opinion to discredit. Overall phenomenon is an interesting topic. It can make you think in a whole new way while gaining new understandings of how the universe works.
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