Starter’s Guide for Writing: Original Content

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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What is original content? I would describe it as any creative content that is new, unique and high in quality. In other words, this article will be about originality. And the differences from content curation. Which is everything but originality. While also being important information for creating originality. Being unique in whatever you create will set you out from your competitors and you will have something that no one else has.

Original content does nothing but positives for your creations. Originality creates quality. And sometimes it may be the most vital part of a creation if it is successful. And in my experience, it can be more satisfying. It also you to bring your own perspective into your work. Topics and subjects you enjoy. Concepts you wish existed. And many more personal aspects you could get out of it.

Tactics used for creating original content are many. First off is comparing your knowlege and experience of similar concepts that already exist towards the ideas you have in what you want to create. Then to make sure of yourself, you can research online in various ways to compare and search for ideas. This will give you a foundation understanding of how original your ideas truely are.

Finding ideas in content curation is also a good way to come up with new ideas. Content curation can be non-fiction as well, with enough facts and figures to base ideas and concepts from. In a way, everything is copied in one way or another. So there is no such thing as one hundred percent original content. Maybe in scientific hypotheses? It is ok to use existing concepts and ideas, but you have to make it your own. Using too many existing concepts in any creation becomes too obvious.

Listing out a few more tactics for creating original content, they include. Evoking personal and readers emotions. The information in your creations flows well together. Know the niches and genres related to your own ideas. Develop ideas with simple brainstorming techniques. Get feedback on ideas. Consider different forms of structure and find ways the best suit your ideas. And so much more, but I would have to write many more paragraphs to go more in-depth on such a broad concept of original content.

When you project of original content is done. There are ways to make it more original. This includes self-advertising in an original way. Promoting self-made original content should be also original content. Create more original content that is for marketing on social media, blogging, mobile devices and any other media that is willing to share it. Just like anything, I believe in a balance. With most media having a higher ratio rating of original content towards anything else that is content curated.
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