I Saw Something in the Sky…

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Seeing something in the sky a few nights ago, there was something in the sky I have not seen before. You got to be sceptical about this type of stuff. Listen to the description I provide and decide for yourself. The purpose of this article will be to determine if this was unnatural, a natural phenomenon or a visual hallucination I have never had before. What I saw looked similar to the two images above while sharing the same colour as any average star in the sky. I am interested if someone has more information based on the description in the next few paragraphs.

It happened as follows, I wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I check my phone and it was 3:43 in the morning. I go to a back porch right next to my room. On this back porch, I usually look into the sky when I relieve myself. Doing this, I have memorised familiar locations of stars in the sky unless it is cloudy. Also, determine a moving source at the different levels of distances. Different types of sound and light in the sky can be explained in many ways. I can not explain at all what I saw that non-cloudy night. It seemed like it was far away in the sky, not space.

While urinating I was focusing on an area of two close stars. In the top corner of my vision, a moving bright light three times the visible width of stars came over my room on an angle. This startled me, I finished up and turned my body to focus on it. It travelled in a more than average speed for 2-4 more seconds in a perfectly horizontal line. Then it sorta shot off on a somewhat 90 decree angle into space and faded away within 1 or two seconds. Seeing the end of this light and it disappearing, I have no idea how long it could have been because I did not look back over the house where it suddenly came from.

This freaked me out but, my first instinct was to go inside and get my phone. Grabbing my phone and going back outside. There was nothing of interest in the sky anything like I had just seen. To further describe more about this moving light, it almost looked like a special effect in the sky.  As this light moved, I could see the trailing light fade in colour. In the end, it looked like it warp speed into space. The weirdest part to it is there was no sound except the wind. It had rained that day. So that’s my story about what I saw.

It is the most interesting thing I have seen in the sky in my back yard and that’s for sure. I do not think it could be a visual mental error because of all the detail it had and my vivid memory of it. I hope it was some natural phenomena I do not know about. Because it was freaky enough to actually get to me. Seeing this it is making me think of considering a 24/7 4K camera built for the sky. 4K handheld cameras now are cheaper than they use to be with the cheapest ones around $200. An outside camera should only be a little bit more expensive. What I saw was noteworthy and now it is now documented.

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