An Open Letter to KFC: Regarding the Changes To Their Sweet and Sour Sauce

An article written by: Lee sonogan


Dear KFC, I want you to know your sweet and sour sauce was the greatest sweet and sour sauce compared to everywhere else. I have even been considering to make my own sweet and sour to make a carbon copy of your last version of this sauce. A friend knowing that I love your sweet and sour sauce had to tell me that they changed it. I did not believe him at first. What happened KFC?

I found the header image of this article from the website So this is a debate going on and I am not alone with this. If anyone taste tasted this sauce, you know what you did. The main two issues with the new sweet and sour sauce are it has lost its strong taste. One of the best elements of the former sauce and second is how it has a weird but good after taste.

This issue with the sauce is one of the main reasons I do not go to KFC anymore. Granted, KFC has some tasty crispy chicken. Sixty percent of the reason of getting KFC was the sauce. I would buy extra packs to try it on none KFC food. In conclusion, I do not see myself going to KFC for a while and why not just bring it back? It should not matter if it is more expensive to make or this new version of it is vegan or something. Just bring it back or at least make the original recipe available to the public.
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