Top 10 Things I would do if I had a Million Dollars

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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If you had a million dollars and had to spend it on something, what would you choose? This question will be different for everyone. For me, this top 10 list is stuff that interested me while also being a potential business plan to invest in. The following list is in order for the current time in the present.

10. Buy a small mine

Number ten would be a fun one. If someone could scientifically prove that a mind has the potential for rare minerals, I would consider it.

9. Rent or lease industrial property/land

Potential to create large profits from other industries. Land could be private or in an industrial zone.

8. Buy a boat and learn to dive for treasures

Exploring the ocean in a one-man submarine has always interested me. A boat is the next best thing while still having money to get diving gear.

7. Start a business in video production

Hire a team that allows video production businesses to make quality and professional videos for all types of media.

6. Rent or lease commercial property/land

Depending on the existing structures of the land or no structures, having room for at least three shops would be good. Maybe even use some space for an automatic shop or service which require no people to operate.

5. Start a newspaper or magazine publishing

I love to write. It would be even better if I had a team of talented writers to manage a magazine or even a local newspaper.

4. Rent or lease residential property/land

Would be cheaper than industry and commercial property of land.

3. Have my own shop and sell products and services

For my thoughts on what this shop might be, please click on the article below.

If I had my own shop, I would…

2. Make a Million Dollar budget feature film

I currently have a fully developed movie script that I could make with the money. There is many other script ideas I have that could be within a million dollar budget. Also, I could invest in a movie script that someone else wrote if I liked it.

1 Buy land to start a farm

The ultimate idea for a retirement plan. Start by building a greenhouse and grow herbs or micro-greens that grow within weeks. Then make every inch of the farm productive in one way of an another. Ideas with some aches of land would be a bamboo forest. Standing plant beds outside. Structures for storage and any other potential profit-making projects. And much more!
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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