Spider Genocide

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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“It’s spider season. Every year, right about now, thousands of the godless eight-legged bastards emerge from the bowels of hell (or the garden, whichever’s nearest) with the sole intention of tormenting humankind.” Charlie Brooker


Deep in the Australian sun,

All directions of heat point to my room,

The spider invasion has begun,

Seeing one redback half the size of my hand, it is time for their doom.

Sleeping somewhere different,

The threat is very real,

I have a can of their judgement,

They are going to experience a poisonous ordeal.


Consistently destroying their webbed path,

I assume many more are still hidden,

Many of width and length,

The Mortein will change their position.

Small gaps in the walls,

Various vents in every room,

Space below for everything that crawls,

Plenty of bugs around for them to consume.


In Summer, I wish for winter,

When I have more control over nature and much more,

Then I would not have to apply this genocidal filter,

And my room will not be the best place for them to explore.

The eight-legged pests must leave me alone,

Or I will pay cash to get an exterminator,

This is a no pest zone,

If you stay long enough, I will send you back to your creator.


Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?



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