The Imminent Death of UNGROOVYGORDS

An article written by: Lee Sonogan


Yes, the death of UNGROOVYGORDS is coming. Nearly making it to the 3 years mark on this blog, I have been considering a change for a while now. UNGROOVYGORDS has been a wonderful platform with the opportunity of absolute freedom. Being a variety blog, I have written about just about every topic or subject you can think of. While a variety blog has many positives as self-learning and being able to write what motivates you day by day, it has its limitations. In this following article, I will describe why UNGROOVYGORDS must die so I can create something new.

I am very close to 1000 posts self-published on this blog. In another 10 posts, I will have 900 posts self-published on this blog. Ideally, stating right now, on my 1000 post I will stop writing for UNGROOVYGORDS full-time. So I am 110 posts away from creating something new in the blogging world. I am already prepared for this as I currently have 151 drafts on my blog. I have put a lot of work into UNGROOVYGORDS. And I do get daily traffic towards my blog. But I have made a lot of mistakes along the way. In creating a new blog I believe I can naturally take it to new levels UNGROOVYGORDS can never reach.

I will never be taken seriously as a writer if I do not achieve consistent growth. With UNGROOVYGORDS I am able to manage to keep an average of traffic, but it is not enough to be successful. Analysing the value of UNGROOVYGORDS, it is worth about 500 bucks. With the potential of making 0.65 cents a day. With a niche blog and everything I have learnt from UNGROOVYGORDS, I believe it could be more than UNGROOVYGORDS over time. Having a niche blog has its limitations, but from my experience with UNGROOVYGORDS, I know I can do it.

So what type of niche blog would I be able to do? If you have seen my created content on UNGROOVYGORDS, the most logical choice for me to do is an entertainment niche blog. The majority of content created on this blog mostly contains subjects and topics based on entertainment. With an entertainment blog, the niche is wide enough to write about similar topics I already write about. I can still do reviews, lists and most importantly articles. And in entertainment, there is always new stuff coming out to write about which would be different from the stuff I have already written about.

Starting from scratch with an entertainment niche blog seems like the way to go. I have not idea what I would call it yet. But I have logical plans already set in place for it. What do you think about all this? While this may signal the death of UNGROOVYGORDS, something new and similar will take its place. It will have greater potential to be more successful, attract more of a loyal audience, more profitable and still be a motivating force for my self to write while leaving room for other content I want to create be published in different places. Stay tuned for more information as I reach the 1000th post on UNGROOVYGORDS.
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