INVADING LUCHA Image/Stills Collection

Created by: Lee Sonogan

invading lucha 1

If you have not seen my short film yet, these images may convince you to watch it. INVADING LUCHA is an independent movie I created. Putting the video under most of the published posts I have done recently, you may have seen it. For a small short film, it managed to produce some interesting still shots. Sharing them on Instagram, I was getting some likes. Here are a few more of them in a bigger collection.

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Other than writing I do like making videos. Considering many ideas at the moment, I want to start recording something and publishing it. Creating original video content is fun to do but involves a lot of preparation and extra time and effort to edit it. The ideas are there, but it is a one-man operation. In coming up with ideas, there is nothing perfect I could start filming for right now. Within some amount of time though, I will have designed and prepared for something else. Just like this improvised short film, I have a page for a 20-minute short film, but it needs people committed to it if it would be made.
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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