Batman: Year One, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(1987) Graphic Novel

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Many people can write Batman. Frank Miller is one of them. This story has influenced many of the live-action Batman movies and origin stories as a whole. Just reading it you can tell it was revolutionary for its time. In the publication of Batman, it has evolved from its golden age beginnings in 1939. This story arc started the era of darker and grittier content for all writers in DC Comics.

There are many ways to read comic stories in chronological order. This graphic novel is a perfect place to start reading Batman stories. Visually this story character develops its characters to a believable level. It has a balance of being minimum while being very detailed. And a unique perspective from Batman.

I watched the animated movie adaptation first and thought it was impressive. Bryan Cranston even voiced Detective Gordan. Reading this graphic novel in one hour all in one shot, it stands out as its own thing. And I am glad that I got the opportunity to borrow it. The end is what they did in the first Christopher Nolan Batman movies. I recommend this graphic novel to everyone to

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