Uninstalling PUBG

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

The third time since I brought the game, I am once again uninstalling PUBG. Written three published posts dedicated to this video game, this one will be a rant why I must uninstall PlayersUnknown’s BattleGrounds from my steam account. With currently 720 hours played of it on Steam, it has got to be my highest documented record of playing time for a single video game. Very addicting, I have invested enough time and effort in this video game.

PUBG innovated the battle royal genres for third person shooters. Fortnight took a lot of their audience for some time. Then recently PUBG has returned to having over a million people online. They are even testing a free version of the game to keep in front of Fortnight. As many changes and updates are added, it still has problems.

Even on the lowest video settings and my NBN, it sometimes plays well while sometimes is weird by playing bad. A few months ago it was running so much better then it is now. Plus the new map is pretty great, but it seems like the laggiest map. I saw a guy last against a team of a squad battle. He hid inside a rock and was shooting. But then I think it glitched him inside and he lost.

I have made compilation videos of kills from this game. Look at the video to see my latest one. I have about 60-80 gigs worth of footage to make a new one. As of right now, I intend to not play this video game for a while. Consuming too much of my time, I am going to now use this time for other things. If I give it a year, the game should be much improved compared to right now and run a lot smoother. Then I will consider returning to PUBG.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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