50 Even More First Drafts In my Blog

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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In my last post I wrote about someone else’s blog, in this I will speak about my blog and its ever-growing list of first drafts. Publishing a 50 First Drafts Currently in My Blog list back on the 2nd of December, 2018, I have more first draft ideas to share. Just like the last list, these potential posts are drafts at different stages and will be published when they are done or when one of them would be more appropriate to post then something else. And as I have suggested this following list will hint of posts being published in the near future.

50 First Drafts:
  1. Top 10 Powerman 5000 Songs
  2. Designing my dream home in theory
  3. Greatest Fantasy Lineup for a Music Festival
  4. My Idea of a Perfect Day
  5. Rocky, a movie review
  6. Tenacious D, The Pick of Destiny, a movie review
  7. Summer Heights High, a tv show review
  8. The Orville, a tv show review
  9. Norse Mythology, a book review
  10. Banjoe Tooie, a video game review
  11. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, a video game review
  12. Blackest Night, a graphic novel review
  13. Batman: Year One, a graphic novel review
  14. Vol. 3:Slipknot, an album review
  15. 50 Highest Profitable Plants To Grow
  16. Seth Macfarlane Quotes
  17. A Rant About The Educational System
  18. American: The Bill Hicks Story, a documentary review
  19. Wrestlemania 35 Predictions
  20. Starter’s Guide to Writing: Original Content
  21. 50 Benefits From Mediation
  22. Top 10 Plays I Want to See
  23. Fact or Fiction? Hitler Did Not Commit Suicide
  24. Yu-Gi-h deck combos: Blu-Eyes Chaos Max Dragon
  25. An Ethical Stanford Prison Experiment
  26. Top 10 Genres for fiction
  27. Fact or Fiction? Secret Space Program
  28. 50 Famous People Quotes Lists
  29. Affiliate Marketing Explained
  30. Structuring Paitence (Poems)
  31. Martin LuthrKing JR. quotes
  32. 100 Communication Skills
  33. Articles Week!
  34. Video Games Week!
  35. Television Week!
  36. 700-800 Posts Published on this Blog
  37. Natural Phenomena
  38. Democracy Explained
  39. Past Pieces of Art Created When I Was Younger
  40. Top 10 Things I would do with a Million Dollars
  41. 50 Video Games That Need a Rerelease or a Remake
  42. List of my Lists Including 10 listed
  43. Collection of images showing my tradable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
  44. List of All Video Game Reviews – Updated (2019)
  45. An Open Letter to KFC (Regarding changes in Sweet and Sour Sauce.)
  46. List of all TV Show Reviews – Updated (2019)
  47. INVADING LUCHA Image Collection
  48. List of All Articles – Updated (2019)
  49. 900th post
  50. 1000th post

Speaking of a 1000th post, I am considering taking a short hiatus of a month or two off when I have published that amount or if I get that far. As of the first day of 2019 until right now I have published 51 posts. That is about a fifth of everything I published on this blog in 2018 with a total of 371 posts. I do not wish to start burning out my motivations for this blog and writing. If I do end up doing this, I would be working and finishing of my other long term writing project. This idea could change any time.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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