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An article written by Lee Sonogan

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This following article is about display resolution and how good the quality of videos and more look. Display modes include televisions, computer monitors, display devices and much more. 4K technology has become more bigger and widely available than ever before. But how much better is it then full High Definition 1080p? Is a sharper resolution with more pixels a more clear and detailed image or is it too much where the human eye cannot even perceive any difference?

1080p has been a staple everywhere for full HD quality. It has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. On a horizontal and vertically grid, resolution are individual pixels on a screen. 4K has a resolution of 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 pixels. So by these numbers, 4K is about three or four times bigger than 1080p HD. Interested in 4K, I did a test. Recording off my phone, I first made a video into 1080p. Then changing the resolution to 4K dimensions and a minimum bit rate, I was able to see many comparisons.

The video I recorded off my phone was myself making bacon and eggs on toast for a potential future video idea. Playing the 1080p video and the 4K test video side by side on two of my computer monitors it first showed me the light differences. In the 1080p video, it was clear enough in a room with no natural light while the 4K video was way darker than expected. The 4K drastically changed when the video continued to the kitchen with a window with natural light.

Under natural light, the power of the bigger resolution was shown. Even with me manually making this 4K video without a proper 4K camera, it was able to pick up a way clearer image compared to the 1080p video. And also was able to pick up more colour and details of the cooking bacon and shots of myself putting the bacon and eggs on toast together. With this test, I am very interested in the potential of 4K.

A friend mentioned to me that any results I got from this test would be slaughtered by YouTube. That is a test for another day. Many video streaming services and cable providers are moving to 4K. And video games have gotten more popular due to the ability of being 1080p and 4K compatible these days. 4K is going last for many years and it is now the time to start thinking about it. There is a 4K/1080p comparison video below, so be a judge for yourself.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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