Top 10 Potato Chip Flavours

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


There are many potato chips out there worth trying out and enjoying. Many people have their own favourite potato chip brands and flavours. This list will be my favourite potato chips flavours in order. Regardless of brands, these flavours on this list are good-by any company that makes potato chips.

Top 10 Potato chip Flavours:

10. Original (Salty and chippy, these are worth eating if you have not gotten any of the other chips in this list.)

9. French Fries (An upgraded version of original with more concentrated flavour.)

8. Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream (A bit of spice to chips with a balanced of sour cream.)

7. Twisties (An Australia product that is made of a form of corn-based chips. Curled cheese, it tastes very different from the average corn chip and comes in many flavours. )

6. Burger Rings (One more Australian snack product that is very impressive in a barbecue type of taste. With an onion ring shape, its burger taste is original tasting.)

5. Corn Chips (Salsa and Doritos (Corn chips) are the best with a dipping sauce. You can usually find this dipping sauce or salsa right next to the chips in the aisle of chips in a supermarket.)

4. Chicken (Chicken salted to death, it is a classic tasting potato chip.)

3. Light and tangy (An original flour of chips that is the in my top 3 potato chip flavours. Much like my favourite flavour on this list, the taste is the type of sweetness I enjoy.)

2. Barbecue (Usually a stronger taster than Burger Rings. Different brands make their own barbecue and most of them are very good.)

1. Salt and Vinegar (The taste for me has not changed since I first had Salt and vinegar. Salty and sweet, it has the perfect combination in my opinion for my personal tastes.)

Chips will always be eaten by people. So I assume my Top 10 list here will not be everyone’s top 10 list. But most of the flavours in this list would be on other people’s lists.
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