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Using both thinking and balance, you can find solutions and new ideas for issues and about everything else in any subject or topic. Thinking about balance lately, in this article I intend to convince you of the importance of the first sentence of this paragraph. The art of balance holds answers. Already writing about the art of balance before, this article will extend onto that knowledge. Here is the link to the former article…

For centuries, there have been theories and practised techniques and methods of balance. Balance can be used as a scientific method of measurement. And is a subjective and objective concept at the same time. Everything can be judged as a balance speaking in a specific matter of terms. Determining an accurate balance just requires honest data with a speculative angle. In the next paragraph, I will explain balance using ratios.

Mathematics allows us to divide into two. Lengths, weight, space, time, and whatever else. Apply algebra, and a ratio may be either specified by giving both constituting numbers. Not all ratios of balance are 50/50 or half and half. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This means every specific and individual topic or subject that uses balance requires a different ratio to create a perfect balance between all existing factors.

Internal and External factors are always in play while creating a perfect balance. Finding balance is a tool filled with data. Also, it can influence you in many ways that you do not even notice. Anything successful I have done, attempting a perfect balance has been because it was a part of it. When a problem arises, analyse its personal balance and read the information it reveals. Balance becomes a skill and the more you use it, the more you can see.
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