Nuzlocke Challenge Explained (Pokemon)

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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What is the Nuzlocke Challenge? It is a set of rules used to create a higher level of difficulty while play Pokemon turn-based combat video games. This challenge encourages using Pokemon you do not normally use. The challenge’s origins came from a comic series of the same name. With the challenge being a recurring gag. If you are considering playing Pokemon games again, then you should try the Nuzlocke Challenge.

The Rules are as follows: When a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead. Then you must go to a Pokemon Center and deposit the dead Pokemon into the PC and mark it dead. The next rule is the player may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area. There is no second chances if the Pokemon faints or flees. Then you must nickname all the Pokemon you get. Making you feel more emotionally attached to each Pokemon you use.

That is the basic rules. Also, I will mention the item revive will not work because due to the rules of the challenge, the Pokemon will be automatically dead. Then there is more advanced versions of the Nuzlocke Challenge. Where no items are allowed and even no Pokemon Centres. stick with the basic challenge as it is hard enough to do. A trick to it is always try before the biggest battles including gym leader.

In the end, all the rules are self-imposed on the part of the player. If you cheat, then you fail the challenge. Recording everything you do or even streaming it prevents you from rage quitting or cheating. I have completed this challenge before a decent amount of times but have failed probably an equal amount of times. Practise makes perfect to be successful, so research and be prepared to protect your Pokemon at all cost. Below is a Nuzlocke Challenge I did on Pokemon Crystal.
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