Battleship, a game review

A game review written By: Lee Sonogan

(19430s) Strategy, board game

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You sunk my battleship. Battleship is a guessing game between two people.  On a grid system, each player has a fleet of ships. The locations of these ships are concealed from the opposition player. Taking turns, both players call shots to the other player grid system to hopefully locate the other’s ships. Within the grid system, when you get a hit, it will locate one boat.

Originally Battleship was a paper and pencil game from World War 1. Then in 1967 is official became a plastic board game that was made by Milton Bradley. Battleship has inspired many electronic versions such as video games and smart device apps. While also inspiring a film.

The fun of this game is that the boats you have are 3 different sizes. Meaning making the guessing game less predictable. Some of the ship names include Carrier, Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine and Destroyer. This is a board game that you can play with anyone. I still sometimes play this game online against someone online. I recommend this board game to anyone who wants to play a quick and easy game to play.

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