A Rant About My Reviews

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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For my final post today, I have a rant for you. I believe in my reviews. Determining and commenting on reviews is a task I take seriously. While some of my reviews get more traffic then others, the quality of them continue to remain the same. Are my reviews missing something or are they as good as they could be without going overboard?

Reviews are created with many ideas in mind. More ideas, the more motivation to create and post them. First off I only do a certain amount of types of reviews. They include: movie, tv show, book, documentary, video game, graphic novel, album, festival, game, food, beverage, alcohol, blog, podcast and so much more!

Breaking down the certain subjects/topics, all reviews are some I have done or experienced. I usually open with the first paragraph with a description. Budget information. People involved in what I am reviewing. And then a closing sentence to hype up the next paragraph. Other then bulk paragraphs you can use lists or an extra quote or image.

To get information in the bulk I could mention, important credits, interesting facts, maybe a paragraph of the people involved information, further describe great parts of what I am reviewing, influences and cinematography, more relevant quotes, commenting on personal issues with it, and any other idea the comes to me that is needed to have a quality review and the overall score at the end.

My reviews are nothing without its rating out of ten. In combination with all the other content in the post, it makes it what it is and I stands by my rating system. As I said in the first paragraph, I take it seriously. To be consistent and precise, you need to compare and contrast your score under a few different methods or techniques. First off is to compare any score to former reviews of the same genre. This will give all your reviews a healthy balance.

Using numbers, I usually use the following method. Anything lowers than a 4/10 is a part of the worst of the worst. A 5/10 is barely average. 6/10 is an average. Making 7/10 a but over an average.  8/10 between 9/10 is where the best start to show up. Then 9/10 is a rank with the best of the best. A 10/10 has never happened on this blog as perfection would put this ranking system out of balance.

In conclusion, my reviews hold up most of the time. They are the foundation of this blog. While being the most type of published posts I have done, this reason could be why not all my reviews are as successful as they could be. Creating balance on my blog,  I will always have more review ideas to do. Finally, in the last sentence, tomorrow, the last post I published will be an ultimate list of ratings from all my reviews. Stay tuned for that for the best rating for some of the best content that I have already recommended.

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