Oz Comic-Con 2014, a festival review

A festival review written by: Lee Sonogan

3 Days (2014) Pop culture, comics

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Back in 2014, I went to Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia. It was at the Royal Exhibition Centre. Reflecting on it, I have decided to write a review on it. Going for three days, I only went to one day. That was all I needed to think about it right now and want to go to one in 2019. If I went to such a festival again, there is so much I could do there then just shop.

My memory of being there in 2014 is still strong. The place was packed and the line was very long. Finally getting in, me and two of my friends instantly were looking at the stalls and watching some of the new Super Smash Bros. video game available to play. Which was a few months before its official release. When my two friends decided to leave, I found some comic stalls with cheap graphic novels. I brought about three DC Comics graphic novels by the end of it.

The Royal Exhibition Centre areas also were full of art, displays and much more! Also, so many people were in cosplay.  Oz Comic-Con Melbourne is on June 9th to the 10th. While Supernova in Melbourne is in April the 5th to the 7th. One day when I have more than enough products at hand it may be worth to apply for a stall for a day. Also set up a public typewriter, a live stream? and more! I recommend Oz Comic-Con to all people interested in pop culture and the comics.


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