Bacon and Eggs on Toast, a food review

A food review written by: Lee Sonogan

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One of the only meals I know how to cook for my self. Bacon, eggs and toast. Together, they create a combination of flavour and various nutrients. Not likings eggs for a decent amount of time for a specific reason, I have returned to eating eggs with this meal. It is an easy meal to cook and I am going to make it right after I finish this review.

This is how I cook bacon and eggs on toast. First thing is getting everything out. This includes everything needed from the fridge. And a type of cooking oil for the frying pan. Everything from the fridge will include eggs, bacon, and anything extra you want to cook with. Butter and the toast in a sealed bag should be close too. Once you have all the stuff you need it is time to turn on the oven

Before or just after you turn on the oven and there is a flame above, apply the cooking oil. Fill the frying pan with bacon and make sure they’re not on top of each over with some sort of spatula. While the bacon is cooking on one side, you can put the toast in the toaster. Check on the bacon by flipping it and see how much it has cooked. Determine after a few minutes when it is cooked. Then Flip it to cook the other side.

When the bacon is cooked, time to crack some eggs. Depending on how much bacon you want, you can cook bacon and an egg at the same time.  Cracking the eggs one at a time on the side of the frying pan carefully, then you need to rip it apart. If there is any technique to cooking an egg, it is not to break the yolk. You need to do it in a certain way to not break the yolk every time. Even if it breaks it is still good.

The toast is most likely to have popped up now, so butter that toast. When the egg/s are starting to settle or getting black and brown on the edges, you can tell they are getting ready. To add more flavour all you need is some salt or pepper. This meal satisfies you with little effort in preparation and timing. Many people will eat this meal as a toasted sandwich. I like it on one piece of toasted and buttered toast. I recommend bacon and eggs on toast to everyone.

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