The Art of Blogging, a blog review

A blog review written by: Lee Sonogan

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“And here’s the simple truth about blogging: yes, there are tens of millions of blogs out there, and yes, this means that the odds of you getting noticed are slim.

But, as long as you are willing to persevere and learn and adjust, you can make it.

It’s simple, but at times it will feel like the most difficult thing to do. Your mind will trick you into thinking that you are not making any progress, when you are, in fact, cultivating the habits that will make you a successful blogger.”

From The Art of Blogging

There is a lot of blogs out there that speak. The Art of Blogging is one that has motivated me to always maintain and improve my writing. Blogging is hard, The Art of Blogging teaches you to not compare your blog to others while improving your own unique assets. The posts published on this blog are inspirational and makes you want to write.

This blog contains hundreds of posts on various topics/subjects about writing and blogging. Such as Beginner’s Essentials, Editing, Motivation, Social Media, Writing and probably much more! Also, this blog is well designed, formatted and has a good community. Meaning, many people like this blog and comment on posts to discuss ideas further.

I still have some parts of blogging I need to improve on. Thanks to The Art of Blogging, I have got a starting point to go off and a new understanding of what I need to do. Just scroll through the blog’s posts and if you write, there will be something for you that will be helpful in one way or an another. I recommend this blog to all starting writers and medium to advanced bloggers for multiple reasons.


“You got to pay your dues. You need to work hard, be consistent, and learn as much as you can. Never become complacent. Always assume responsibility for where you’re at, and assume that only you can be the one who takes you to the next level.”

From The Art of Blogging
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