Book Review: The Iliad — In Search of Lost Marbles

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The Iliad written by Homer is an ancient Greek epic poem. Created in 762 B. C., it is one of the oldest books to ever live. The Iliad is a long book with a word count of 155,731 words. Being one of the two best epics from Homer, it is highly regarded by many. One day because of In Search of Lost Marbles, I will read this book. This blog post and review has persuaded me into reading this classical book. But, I will have to get a copy of it first and then read it. Maybe listen to the audiobook. Reading length says it will take ten hours and twenty-two minutes to finish.

Few people have reached such heights of greatness as to be remembered by their first name alone—people like Elvis, Moses, Cleopatra and Santa. So I figured there must be something remarkable about the ancient Greek poet known through the ages simply as Homer. I was right. Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad, tells of the warriors […]

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