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First off this will be hypothetical ideas for a potential business plan. While there are opportunities to get loans out there, one way to invest money successfully would be to open up a shop. What sort of shop do I want? and how would I do it? In this following article, I will explain the ideas I have already thought about and put them to paper. Then I will have a solid place to start from if I ever decide to pursue an investment such like this.

Much like my blog, if I ran my own store it would have to be a variety store. Obviously, I would name this hypothetical store Ungroovygords. Without a niche, I will need to suss out all the ideas I want and design it perfectly through tons of research first. My vision of a variety store is not a budget store or just random items for sale. Leasing a building at a perfect location will be important.

Taking a loan out will be needed to purchase all that will be needed while still keeping some to stay afloat. Will need a Bookkeeper to run the books and a few other employees. Call up job agencies and other relevant places to get the best people for the jobs needed. Contact a lawyer to see if all potential ideas are legal and get all relevant information to maintain all other policies and regulations, to get shop businesses approved with licensing and extra.

I want to sell more than just items. Providing other services with attention will be needed. This would involve various automated machines that will sell items and work in various areas of the shop. Preferable I would like to have an outside area in the commercial zone. With a private spa and sauna area for hire. A stage for hire outside with an audience/sitting area. Then back inside, a decent amount of space dedicated to pop-up shops/market stalls for independent sellers.

Got so many ideas I could write another paragraph about it. While having space for independent and other-other external sellers in the shop, at least a third of it should be used for shelf space. Storing and selling high price items should be the most profitable items in the shop. Gaining stock will include researching distributors for items and buying in bulk. A public computer will be placed in the shop with limited access, which will be written on by anyone for a chance to be shared.

List of other internal profit-making ideas for the shop:
  • Video Game Consoles Privates Rooms For Hire
  • Public Arcade, Gaming and Quiz Machines
  • Automation Food machines
  • Sell Your Large Painting/Images on the Wall
  • probably much more!

If I had a shop, I would UNGROOVYGORDS to cover the online/digital market. Which could be extended with an e-commerce shop. Well, that was a decent start to a potential idea. I could go into more details, but that is for another time or a different place. As more ideas of the place comes to me, I will write them down.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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