Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Timelord Deck

Written by Lee Sonogan

Timelords are powerful with one major flaw. This burn deck uses Timelords and life point Inflicting cards to damage your opponent so bad, they lose all their life points and lose the game.

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Sandaion, The Timelord X3

Michion, The Timelord X2

Zaphion, The Timelord X2

Metation, The Timelord X3

Raphion, The Timelord X2

Time Maiden X3

Secret Sect Druid Wid



Pot of Desires X3

Gold Sarcophagus

Wave-Motion Cannons X3

Mound of the Bound Creator X2



Messenger of Peace X2

Chain Strike

Chain Energy X2

Dark Room of Nightmare X2

One Day of Peace

Twin Twister



Lose 1 Turn X2

Coffin Seller X2

Blazing Mirror force

Secret Blast X3


(44 overall cards in the deck.)




This deck revolves around Timelord monsters and setting up cards to inflict life points directly.

Timelord cards have one big flaw. In your next turn, they return back to your deck.

Most Timelord monster cards in this deck have effects that inflict life directly while Zaphion, The Timelord is used to send your opponents spells and trap cards into the deck.

Spell and Trap Cards that inflict life points directly include Chain Energy, Dark Room of Nightmare, Wave-Motion Cannon, Blazing Mirror Force, Coffin seller and Secret Blast.

Protection Cards include Mound of the Bound Creator, Blazing Mirror Force, Lose 1 Turn, and Messenger of peace.

Drawing cards include Pot of Desires, Gold Sarcophagus, One Day of Peace and Terraforming.

This deck can backfire on you if you do not play it right. Such as Chain Energy. Only activate that if you have plenty of Timelords in your hand and have already set and activated various other spells or traps. Stall until you can do a combination like this or other examples in the video I have created below.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?


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