Top 10 Best Comic Book Writers Of All Time!

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


There is many great comic book writers out there. Reading a lot of comics and graphic novels, I now am able to make a list such as this. Even if you are not aware of the comic book culture going for over one hundred years now, you may have heard of the work these writers have created. This list is in order from the 10th to the first best comic book writers ever.

  1. Robert Kirkman

Most famous for creating The Walking Dead, the long-running series has spawned new series in its universe such as the tv show Fear the Walking Dead and the new upcoming book which is said to be based in China. Also, I was recommended to read his comic book series called Invincible.

  1. Brian Michael Bendis

The writer of the best Avengers crossover comics. And his work has inspired the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is said the Bendis did not singlehandedly save Marvel Comics from bankruptcy but had a huge part of saving it. Then he even started writing for Netflix in the tv series of Jessica Jones and the first show that was PlayStation Network’s first attempt into scripted original programming.

  1. Geoff Johns

Most notable work includes characters such as Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash and Superman. He is also a writer for various television and movies in the DC Comics universe. Now DC Comic’s authority figure, his groundwork as a writer over the last 25 years has got to be one of the largest in the company’s history.

  1. Brian K. Vaughan

A former writer for the television series, Lost. And the creator of such original comics such as Ex Machina, Saga, Y: The Last Man and much more. Brian K. Vaughan’s creative independent projects are all quite different and more than deserve the recognition they have received.

  1. Scott Snyder

An expert in writing about Batman and many more from Marvel, DC Comics and Vertigo comic publishers. Dark Nights: Metal has got to be my favourite story by Scott Snyder. It features many alternative evil Batmans with one being The Batman Who Laughs. This is one writer who still has many stories I have not read such as the American Vampire series which is apparently the best work he has ever done.

  1. Grant Morrison

The writer of some of the best DC comics of all time. I have read a decent amount of his Batman Graphic novels and various others. He has such a strange style in writing and by design, he does not make it easy for his readers. Wrapping my head around his stories inspire many emotions and I respect that.

  1. Neil Gaiman

Only this year I have learnt of the greatness of Neil Gaiman. Reading three of his Sandman graphic novels and a Batman, what he writes is very original. Ambitious in imagination that creates an art form that is both smart and poetic. Many of his other work has become a movie, tv show or a novel.

  1. Stan Lee

A pioneer in making superheroes famous. Creator of Spider-man, the Fantastic Four and so much more characters from the Marvel Universe. Thank you for your vision and your various cameo appearances Stan Lee.

  1. Frank Miller

Frank Miller has written many classic stories which have been turned into movies you need to see. They include 300, Sin City and animated movies such as The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One and Two. Throughout his various work film noir, narration and Manga influences have been his style that he has been known for.

  1. Alan Moore

By far Alan Moore is the best comic book writer of all time. To name a few of his creations, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Batman: The Killing Joke, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Swamp Thing and so much more! A genius which makes you question if he is not human. I highly recommend reading anything of his that you can get your hands on.

Any comic book or graphic novel writer by any of these ten people, I want. These writers as the best of the best in their fields and I highly recommend picking up any of their work if you see their names on the front cover.

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