Notes From A Public Typewriter, a book review

A book review written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Life, like this typewriter, has no backspace. Type strongly and don’t look back.” – Notes From A Public Typewriter

Bookstore owners Michael and Hilary Gustafson set out a typewriter in their shop. They called their bookstore, Literati that is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over a few years, they collected confessions from the public and put the best quotes all into one book. Also, the book details the history of the bookshop and the power of words. Why have I not heard of a public typewriter before? If I had a public shop, I would put a public typewriter somewhere to do this as Michael and Hilary did. But be a computer with limited access, sending the written data to my main computer.

Maybe the quickest book I have ever read. After 30 minutes I was already finished. While the concept behind the book is interesting. The book consists of one sentence lines of random thoughts and feelings from random customers. Then there were 2 paged stories about the bookshop who collected these thoughts and feelings. This book is for people who want a quick read or appreciate writing in all forms. The ending came quick and shortly concluded the book. I recommend this book to the people as I suggested before in this paragraph.


“A bookstore is larger than the universe. After all, the universe only contains what IS.” – Notes From A Public Typewriter

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