UNGROOVYGORDS, a blog review

A blog review written by: Lee Sonogan


My first blog review will be of my very own blog, UNGROOVYGORDS. My tagline for the blog is Articles, reviews, lists and so much more you should see. Meaning the blog is capable of posting anything. UNGROOVYGORDS is not a niche blog and that is by design. If I were, to sum up what it is about, it would be entertainment, education and life! In this following review, I intend to describe its positives and negatives while giving it a score out of ten at the end.

UNGROOVYGORDS the blog started May 19th, 2016. New to blogging then, what I am doing in 2018 has been a huge improvement in all areas. Since 2016 I have expanded into many different areas of subjects and topics while experimenting with new information. Upgrading to the business plan I have learnt a lot about SEO and readability scores which has improved my stats heaps. Most of my traffic now comes from various search engines.

  • One man running the whole thing.
  • Requires publishing posts daily to stay alive.
  • Front page posts may not appeal to everyone when new visitors land on my home page.
  • Content competes with other blogs and niches.
  • Too poor to invest money for paid promotions and advertising.
  • Some of the past content has not been updated to the best quality it could be.
  • Probably more I can not think of off the top of my head.

Being my monster, I will try not to be biased in my final score at the end of this paragraph. By this time next year, my thoughts and opinion of this blog can completely change anyway. I was once told by a friend that quality equals more than quantity. As of right now, I believe I have a balance of quantity with quality. Even though I have not monetized my blog enough to make profit, the content is relevant enough, important, and hits most target audiences that I want. I recommend this blog to everyone.

PS – More blog reviews to be written in the year of 2019


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