25 More Writing Prompts from Reddit

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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More from the famous subreddit. Writing prompts are usually fictional and inspire you to create stories. Use their overall story concept or/and use it and make it your own. To check out the subreddit with thousands of similar writing prompts that are in this list, please click here > https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/

  1. No matter what you do, people cannot remember you. Punch someone, they would forget instantly. Rob a bank without a mask, no one would remember/recognize you. You live a strange life, until one day a woman approaches you: “You have grown a lot since then.”
  2. “While combing through a phone you just stole, you notice that it’s calender is packed full of strangely specific and detailed schedules and dates.”
  3. “An immortal is put on a generation ship as it’s caretaker and guardian. After several generations, despite their best intentions, most inhabitants now see them as something of a god.”
  4. “Whenever two people meet a puzzle appears with difficulty relative to how compatible the two are. (Easy for compatible hard for not). One day you meet a girl with a solved puzzle.”
  5. “They say ants are found on every continent except Antarctica. But, when the ice melted, they awoke from hibernation. Now, we know why the continent was named ANT-arctica.”
  6. “A sudden surge of cosmic radiation of unknown origin has hit earth. Humans don’t seem to be affected, but you watch in awe as you see all animals around you grow to 5x their normal size.” – Groky
  7. “You’re out on a walk far from home, and all of a sudden you REALLY gotta use the bathroom. You walk up to the nearest house and the owner somewhat nervously but politely lets you use the bathroom. As you’re walking out you see in a depression in the wall a small shrine to yourself.”
  8. “You are the last human on Earth. You’ve fought for survival longer than you can recall. One day, a man in armor both archaic and futuristic, carrying an ethereally beautiful sword approaches you and says, “Hello. I hear your people know me as ‘God.’ Care to have a chat?”
  9. “Your favourite fictional character suddenly appears in your living room. It’s up to you to integrate him/her/it into society.”
  10. “Everytime you blink, you are transported to a slightly different universe.”
  11. “You know that you live in a simulated reality and that you are an NPC. You don’t know how many players there are but so far there are 5 possible candidates that you have tracked for some time. It’s time to enter the game.”
  12. “For the last 15 years, you’ve gone around debunking magicians. You this by using your own abilities to block theirs. By decree of the council, the world cannot know about real magic.”
  13. “The longer a person lives, the more powerful their ghost is. A man who has been cheating death for over ten thousand years just died.”
  14. “There are no special effects in movies, actors and actresses really die when their character dies. It is considered a brave and heroic act. This has obvious effects on the movie industry.”
  15. “1,214,673 days. That’s how long you’ve been repeating Tuesday December 25th 2018, but when you wake up on day 1,214,674, it’s Wednesday.”
  16. “Suddenly all the humanity is not able sleep anymore and there was no more need for it, but no one knows that yet.”
  17. “You’re an anchor for a small town news station, and your job is pretty average-EXCEPT for the fact that you live in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland. But, you still report the news, as usual.”
  18. “The singularity has happened and a machine sentience was born. Describe the day all of humanity was defeated in a single hour.”
  19. “You live alone in your small apartment, except for a cat who finds his way in from time to time. Only you can hear him talk. He walks around judging outfits and decor in the sassiest manor.”
  20. “Instead of normal names, when people are born they are given usernames that cannot be the same as someone else. Legend has it that those who have the simpler usernames are granted the most powerful abilities.”
  21. “You’ve come back to life as a zombie, but something went wrong and you still have your mind. You decide to make the most of things before you rot away entirely.”
  22. “You are the eternal guardian of a dungeon filled with horrors that really cannot be bested. You sit at the entrance and warn adventurers before they enter, but none ever listen. Over the millennia you’ve seen millions enter, but today, someone is trying to leave.”
  23. “A lottery where 100 people enter. One is selected to be killed and other 99 split the loser’s assets as their prize.”
  24. You are a teenager suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. One day you wake up and only hear silence. Your alters are gone. You go about your morning, getting ready for a nice Saturday. When you go down for breakfast, you’re met with a kitchen full of people—those people are your alters.
  25. “You just bought a new house, it’s a little eerie living there alone so you decide to adopt a cat. Turns out your house is haunted and your cat is constantly protecting you from evil spirits, meanwhile you are blissfully unaware.”

The following list you just hopefully read are all ideas I liked and also belive I could use in one way or an another. To see my last list of 25 prompts including one I submitted to Reddit, please click here > https://ungroovygords.com/2018/01/24/25-writing-prompts-from-reddit/

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