Psychedelic Perspective

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan
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“The movement of a single atom from one known position to another known position changes an experience from nothing to overwhelming. This means that mind and matter at the quantum mechanical level are all spun together.” – Terence McKenna

Not a psychedelic experience,

A psychedelic perspective,

The definition may be various,

Being both self-reflective and subjective.

Eye-opening to some,

Alarming to others,

Can be used to numb,

And is used to heal many people in great numbers.

A small dose of a hallucinogenic,

It is experimental in nature,

Not recommended to those who are schizophrenic,

Changes are being made in its legislature,

Consciousness expanding,

Trips you will never forget,

Misunderstanding becomes understanding,

A reset to your mindset.

You are responsible for all actions if you take this path,

Without control, it could get all bright,

This should be taken seriously and is not a laugh,

This perspective is not built for opinion and poor insight.

Wired to see more,

Mind-blowing ideas and thought,

Opening new doors,

The psychedelic perspective changes everything you have been taught.

Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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