The Church of What’s Happening Now, a podcast review

A podcast review written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Welcome to my world, motherfucker.” – Joey Diaz

Uncle Joey has got a podcast! Comedian, actor and podcast host, Joey Diaz has been making his own podcast since 2012. The Church of What’s Happening Now is an audio and video podcast with currently over 600 episodes. Co-Host Lee Syatt and Joey are usually joined by their personal friends which are comedians, actors, writers and directors to name a few.

My Top 5 The Church of What’s Happening Now episodes:
  1. #472 – Joe Rogan
  2. #489 – Ari Shaffir
  3. #510 – Bert Kreischer
  4. #537 – Tom Segura
  5. #606 – Herny Rollins

Joey doesn’t hold anything back and lets you know exactly what’s on his mind. Also, the man has so many stories to tell. With his well-known drug history, the man should be dead. And now he is doing regular MMA training at his age. I first saw Joey Diaz on the Joe Rogan Experience and I have been watching various interviews and stand up of him ever since. I recommend this podcast to all the fans from the Joe Rogan Experience.


“You walk on ice, you might as well dance, cocksucka!” – Joey Diaz
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