Venom, a movie review

A movie review written by: Lee Sonogan

1hr52min(2018) Action, Sci-Fi


Venom: Eyes! Lungs! Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!

A new solo origin story of the superhero comic book character from Marvel, Venom. This is the second live-action appearance of the character since 2007. Last time Venom was portrayed as a bad guy while this film portrays him as an anti-hero. Even when he bites people’s heads off. This film was inspired by Venom: Lethal Protector made in 1993 and story arc Planet of the Symbiotes made in 1995. A sequel to this film is already in development.

With a budget of $116 million, this movie made $852.9 million at the box office. Becoming the fifth highest grossing film of 2018. This movie stars the actor Tom Hardy as the main protagonist, Eddie Brock. Tom Hardy also provided the voice and physical stand-in for several scenes of Venom. Hardy considers Venom the coolest Marvel hero because “he has a brazen swagger and a zero foxtrot attitude.”

The 2nd final film featuring a Stan Lee cameo, before his death on November 12, 2018. His final cameo is in Avengers 4. He has already shot his scene. Now my personal address to the critics who regarded this movie as bad. You are wrong. I did not see inconsistencies and generic superhero elements. In my opinion, I thought this was an interesting and fun movie, being original in its own way while not mentioning Spider-Man in any way possible.

This is a movie where you just need to see for your self. There are great action scenes. The development of the movie grows at a good pace. Maybe most impressive is the chemistry between Tom Hardy and the character Venom. This Venom is way cooler than the Venom in the Spider-Man movie made in 2007. The ending has an action scene worth watching all the way to the end. I recommend this movie to all superhero fans who have not seen it yet. You will be surprised by how much you like it.


Venom: Eddie, you are my ride!
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