Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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First I would like to say I have not played all these video games but, I have watched a lot of footage and people talking about these video games. 2018 was a big year for the video game industry. This list is in no particular order and does not include remakes.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (A completely new Assassin’s Creed game with ship mechanics from the Black Flag Assassin’s Creed game. Fighting has become way smoother and the abilities give you more customization than ever. This game seems fresh, more visually impressive then similar video games in the series, and ancient Greece is a perfect location to explore full of interesting characters and missions.)
  2. Monster Hunter: World (The Monster Hunter series has always looked interesting to me. This one looks to be the most impressive one I have seen. Even IMDB has rated it 8.2/10. The Guardian even stated in their The 20 best video games of 2018 list that it is “A game that seems intimidating at first quickly becomes one of the more rewarding gaming experiences of recent years.”)
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Only recently being released, It deserves a place on this list. Since buying a Nintendo Switch as of last year, I have been waiting for this video game. And I have not been disappointed. It is everything you loved about past Super Smash Bros. video games and much more! Visually more impressive, various modes and customization, and maybe most importantly, online has improved.)
  4. God of War (I have not played a God of War video game since God of War 3. This new instalment looks beautiful while the adventure is absorbing and violent. I have been tempted to watch the videos on YouTube that gives you the whole movie in cut scenes. Being multiple hours long, plus the other footage I have seen, I need to give this video game a shot.)
  5. Spider-Man (Watching the movie of this video game in cut scenes, I can see why many people highly regard this game as one of the best this year. With many superhero genre video games being made over the years, they lacked interesting stories, this one did not. Also, like any Spider-Man video game, it looks fun just to travel around the visually impressive open world.)
  6. Far Cry 5 (Ton of chaos and destruction. Graphics to back up the violence. While many have said this video game was innovative in creating interesting characters and situations, the plot has gotten a mixed response. I will watch the movie of it in cut scenes to determine my opinion on this video game further. )
  7. Dragon Ball FighterZ (Playing a lot of Dragon Ball Z fighting games in my life, I can not believe I have not played this one yet. Steam on PC rates this video game a 9/10. The 2D fighter game has become more fast-paced and more easy to play. It looks very fun to play and visually impressive like many other games on this list.)
  8. A Way Out (The co-op action video game of the year. Played with two people, it gives you many choices in how to progress in the story. It has creative scenes which further develop the story. Having its own visual style, it is also very easy to understand how to play.)
  9. Super Mario Party (Mario Party is back in its original board game concept. I did not like how they changed the Mario Party games since after Mario Party on the GameCube. With recommendations from a friend and the fun people have in videos, this game on the Nintendo Switch looks awesome to play with other people. I am considering buying this video game once the price goes down.)
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2 (The first video game of this series has been a video game I have always wanted to play. Red Dead 2 has been regarded as the best video game this year by a lot of different places and people. With so much features and content packed into the game. The video game is huge in file size while being very life-like. When I get my PS4 fixed, I am considering to buy this game.)

Honourable mentions go to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and SoulCalibur 6. Did I miss any video games that should be in this top 10 list? Leave a comment below if you disagree with me or have something to contribute that will add interest to this list.
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