Thinking vs. Feeling

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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“In order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive.” – Jordan Peterson


Thinking or Feeling,

Both are important and potentially dangerous,

One finds logic unappealing,

While the others are thick-skinned and are numerous.

Objective vs Subjective,

Each side has their own positive and negative characteristics,

How you make decisions is conceptive,

We humans need to find something in between that is fair and also realistic.


Division is good for business as usual,

Personalities are split into two,

Radical thoughts continue to exist because all sides are disputable,

How we feel and rationalize life should easier to review.

It all gets worse when ideological groups fight,

People on both side just want to speak,

What happened to common purpose or action to unite?

There should be more discussion on creating this uniting technique.


Thinking does not mean a person is without emotion,

And personal principles and values are not always bad,

You should want the truth to be set in motion,

Being empathetic is something everyone should understand.

Compare and contrast all ideas,

I think, therefore I am has many different meanings,

All people have their reasons,

There is no reason to turn free speech into battle arenas.
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