To Do List (2019-2020)

A list written by Lee Sonogan

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Halfway through the last month of this year, it is time to think about next year. So, it is time to start listing some new goals and ideas. In the new year, I intend it to be a big year. Full of obstacles and challenges to overcome. While improving my writing career and real life stuff.

My Writing
  • Get more creative making images for Instagram
  • More from UNGROOVYGORDS Productions YouTube Channel
  • Update SEO on blog posts and all social media posts
  • Add in Links and Hashtags to all posts of my content on various websites
  • More from UNGROOVYGORDS YouTube Video Game Channel
  • Make a third and backup account for Facebook
  • Hold a server event in a video game for fun and promoting purposes
  • Live stream more!
  • Get something published on the’s magazine that is launching January next year
  • Win the competition with
  • Pitch my movie script more
  • Email online publications for potential opportunities
  • Start teaching online about how to write (Only if I can do it as a payable service
  • Persuade someone to write a guest post on my blog
  • Answer and ask more questions on
  • Find more question/answer related sites
  • Continue self-promoting self for free
  • Keep self-promoting short film and get it to a film festival
  • Finish the first draft of Power from Within Vol 2 and more!
  • Go back to editing Vengeance of a Brutal Cry
  • More quizzes and polls to gather audience information
  • Create a second edition to my Novella Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth of a Utopia
  • Finish drafts of other projects I have not spoken about yet
  • Get feedback on these other projects
  • Collaborate with more people!
  • Probably much more!
My Real Life
  • Complete some I listed in my to-do list last year
  • Go for a health check up
  • Enquire to dentists about my teeth and what I can do for improvement
  • Working on my potential farming retirement plan book
  • Finish a free course
  • Message people I have not spoken to in a while
  • Join a writing group to make contacts
  • Go to a place where they recycle books and pick out interesting ones
  • Attend a monthly WordPress meetup in Melbourne
  • Find a new spot to use my metal detector
  • Use Boasman’s song to make an interesting video
  • Collaborate with Boasman to Re-master my first short film
  • Dominate everyone in the new Super Smash Bros. video game on the Nintendo Switch
  • Visit the local pool and sit in the spa for some time a couple of times
  • Get back to writing in my journal more
  • Start doing more yoga using YouTube videos again
  • Sell all the extra stuff that I do not need
  • Probably much more!

Before the end of next year, I may be doing a conclusion for this list and a new to-do list for the years 2020-2021. Stay tuned next year around the same time for that!
Please watch my new short film below and tell me what you think?

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