The Ronnie Johns Half Hour, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

30mins(2005-2006) Sketch comedy


The Ronnie Johns Half Hour was an Australian sketch comedy show. It was produced by Jigsaw Entertainment and the Ten Network based In Australia. The sketch comedy’s full name is The Ronnie Johns Good Times Campfire Jamboree Half Hour Show. Full of hilarious characters, interesting concepts and original content, it’s most famous skits is from Chopper played by Heath Franklin.

The cast of the show came from a series of stage shows called The 3rd Degree, produced by Laughing Stock Productions. Heath Franklin, Jordan Raskopoulos, Dan Ilic, Felicity Ward, James Pender, Caroline Fitzgerald and Becci Gage star in this show playing multiple characters. I watched this tv show back when it first premiered and I used to own all the DVDs of it.

In 2006, the show received a Logie nomination for Most Outstanding Comedy Series. And Franklin was nominated for the 2006 Inaugural Graham Kennedy Logie Award for Most Outstanding New Talent. Even though this show was more than ten years ago, Heath Franklin is still Chopper and Jordan Raskopoulos in a part of a band called The Axis of Awesome. If this show were to come back on tv, I would definitely watch it. And I want to re-watch all of this now if I can find it. I recommend sketch comedy to all fans of comedy.


PS – This may be the best Australia based comedy television show I have seen.

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