The Dim Sim, a food review

A food review written by: Lee Sonogan

(1945) Meat and vegetable

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A dim sum or known in Australia as a dim sim is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions. While the dim sum has been a tradition for centuries in China, I will be reviewing the dim sim. Which is known for being larger, thicker, doughier skin and shaped more robustly. It is commonly eaten with soy sauce.

Since a child, I have been eating dim sims. They are made with various types of ingredients. Minced meat such as pork, chicken or lamb. Then cabbage and seasoning encased in a pastry wrapper. In Australia, the dim sims are steamed, fried, homemade and/or barbecued. In 1945, the modern dish was developed in Melbourne’s Chinatown by a guy called William Wing Young.

While there are bad dim sim products out there like frozen dim sims, when there is a dim sim made of quality, it is good. I remember a time when you could buy a single dim sim for under a dollar. Dim sims are high in demand, buying quality dim sims fresh and cooked are now way more expensive. I recommend this food to people who like Chinese food and related food with the use of soy sauce.

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