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“This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are.” – William

Westworld is a television show produced by HBO. The same people who make Game of Thrones and many other great shows. In 2019, Westworld will be returning May 1st, with season 3. Watching this show since I was told about it in season 1, I have enjoyed it immensely. But the last two episodes of season 2 has changed everything. Taking a radical shift, it did not have me excited for season 3. With Aaron Paul now joining the cast as a potential regular, I am now interested in season 3. Now, anything is possible. Where the story has now developed, what happens next has completely become unpredictable in a good way. For more about Aaron Paul in Westworld, please read the link to an article below.

Dolores: What is real?
Bernard: That which is irreplaceable.

Best part: Jesse Pinkman’s “Yeah, science” works for this show, too.

via ‘Westworld’ Has Landed Aaron Paul As A Series Regular For Season 3 — UPROXX

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